Given the State guidelines below regarding honoraria, the Foundation cannot deposit honoraria for speaking engagements by State employees that occur relative to the employee’s state duties.

Excerpt from the North Carolina Office of State Budget and Management Budget Manual, Section 6.8 on Page 171.

6.8 Honoraria

6.8.1 State Employees

A State employee shall not accept an honorarium for an activity where state-reimbursed travel, work time, or resources are used or where the activitiy can be construed as having a relationship to the employee’s state position; such activity would be considered official duty on behalf of the state. A relationship exists between the activity and the employee’s state position if “but for” that employee’s state position, the employee would not participate in the activity in the same manner or capacity. The employee should make every attempt to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

An employee may receive an honorarium for activities performed during regular nonworking hours or while on annual leave if the following conditions are met:

  • All expenses are the total responsibility of the employee or non-state sponsor
  • The activity has no relationship to the employee’s state duties

Nothing in this policy shall be interpreted as preventing the payment to the state by an outside source for actual expenses incurred by an employee in an activity, or the payment of a fee to the state (in lieu of an honorarium to the individual) for the services of an employee. Any such payments made to the state should be deposited to the departmental account and appropriate entry should be made to appropriate the revenue line.

6.8.2 Non State Employees

Honoraria are the responsibility of each department, institution, or agency contracting for the personal services of a non-state employee. Each department shall develop a form letter for such invitations and it shall include the amount of the honorarium offered. This amount shall cover any expenses incurred by the non-state employee in lieu of a per diem.

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