Payment Request Overview

Foundations Accounting & Investments Payment Request (Manual Checks and ACH):

In general, payments less than $5,000 from foundation accounts can and should be processed through the University’s established processes and systems (i.e. through Accounts Payable or the Payroll Office).  In order for Foundations Accounting & Investments (FAI) to process payments less than $5,000, documentation will be required from the University Accounts Payable Office or Payroll Office, as applicable, indicating that they are not able to process payment.  Additionally, travel reimbursement requests should always go through University Accounts Payable.

Payments are prepared on a weekly basis for signature by the Assistant Treasurer or Treasurer of each Foundation.  Requests for payments must be received by Tuesday at 4 p.m. each week in order to be processed, signed and ready for release on Friday.

A form has been developed for this purpose.  The form can be located here:

Requests should ensure that:

  • The request is for an approved expenditure
  • The disbursement is consistent with the purpose of the fund
  • The person requesting payment is authorized to expend funds from the source account
  • Appropriate documentation for the request has been provided, as follows:
    1. Invoices should be billed to the foundation from which funds will be disbursed. Invoices billed to the University or a University department are not appropriate for payment by a foundation.
    2. Invoice must contain a unique invoice number.
    3. If invoice was received via mail, a scanned copy of the invoice is adequate. If invoice was received via email, a copy of the original email string (documenting the vendor’s email address), must be accompany the payment request.
    4. Goods or services must be received before payment is made.
    5. The requesting unit must provide a 6-digit project number and 5-digit account number (Chart of Accounts).
  • Adequate funds are available in the foundation account
  • For new vendors, a completed W-9 must be included. Must be less than three years old.
  • For ACH payment requests, vendor banking information must be included to facilitate processing payment
  • If applicable, attach contract associated with the delivery of goods and services.