Workshop Fees

In order to comply with the terms of the Operating Agreements between the Foundations and the University, pursuant to UNC System Regulation 600.2.5.2[R],  registration fees for workshops or courses cannot be deposited into Foundation projects unless the workshop is specifically sponsored by the Foundation (with no reference to the University, or to a college, department or center within the University) AND if no University resources (i.e. no University facilities and no University professors or other University employees time and effort, etc.) were used in putting on the workshop or course.   Keep in mind also that workshops and events sponsored by a Foundation are not covered by the University’s liability insurance; so, if sponsored by a Foundation, proof of event insurance must be provided.

For workshops that do reference the University or use University resources, the proper treatment is as follows:

  • Fees collected for workshops funded by a service contract, or considered income to a gift account should be deposited into a University account.  To request a new account you may contact the Office of Cost Analysis at 919-515-7064.
  • Fees that are considered program income to a grant should be deposited to the appropriate grant account (Ledger 5) using account code 53998.  For any questions relating to program income for a grant, you may contact the Systems Accountant/Financial Manager in the Contracts & Grants Office at 919-515-8006.
  • Fees for a workshop/course that is funded by individual registrations that are not considered program income to a gift or grant should be recorded to the appropriate Ledger 3 account.  To request a new lower level Ledger 3 account you may contact the University Budget Director in the Budget Office at 919-513-1263.

We appreciate your assistance in complying with these requirements.  If you have any questions about the operating agreement between the Foundation and the University, please feel free to contact the Foundations Controller in the Foundations Accounting and Investments Office at 515-1002.

See Questions – Who to Contact for additional support.