Question – Who to Contact


Routine Accounting Questions
and Customer Service
Who To Call University Endowment Fund
(If Different)
NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc. Falguni
NC State Alumni Association, Inc. Yolanda
NC State Engineering Foundation, Inc. Deborah
NC State Natural Resources Foundation, Inc. Deborah
NC State University Foundation, Inc. Yolanda
North Carolina State University College of Sciences Foundation, Inc. Yolanda
NC Tobacco Foundation, Inc. Falguni
NC Veterinary Medical Foundation, Inc. Yolanda
University Endowment Fund Chris
Audit Reports Erin Chris
Board Meeting Materials Emily Emily/Marly
Building-to-endowment funds (BTE’s) Deborah/Falguni Chris
Chartfield Requests (new fund requests) Michelle   
Payment Requests – routine/special Davan/Yolanda/Deborah
Deposits Tanessa/Yolanda/Nadirah/Zuzana      Chris
Endowment Agreements Chris  
Endowment Spending Budgets Chris  
Exemption or Exceptions to the Spending Policies Chris  
Foundation Reports Sherry
General Fund Budgets Sherry
Gifts of Stock Yolanda/Sarah/Erin
Investment Performance Returns Lyndsey/Sarah/Erin
LLC’s and Corporations Erin/Sarah
Other Income Davan/Zuzana/Nadirah
Planned Gifts/Charitable Trusts Cheryl/Erin  
Sales & Use Tax Davan/Nadirah
Specialized Service Requests Erin/Jill  
Stewardship Information Chris  
Tax Issues Affecting Foundations Cheryl/Erin
Taxable Awards to Employees Davan/Yolanda/Nadirah
Transfers of Revenue/Expense between Entities Falguni/Nadirah
Wire Instructions Yolanda/Sarah  
WOLF Reports Sherry