An important customer service offered by FAI is training for our customers.  We provide financial training on a variety of topics, including legal entities, foundation funds, endowments, financial reports, chart field requests (CFR) and Fundriver, just to name a few.  Our training can be tailored for specific topics and to accommodate a wide range of customers including departmental accounting personnel, faculty, business officers, development officers and new board members.  Both group (large and small) and one-on-one training can be delivered, depending upon your needs.


Endowments:  [Resources for any campus personnel working with, or using funds generated from, Endowments]

General:  [Overview of the Office of Foundations Accounting & Investments Responsibilities]

College/Departmental Business Office and Bookkeeping:  [Specifically for college/departmental business office, bookkeepers, and other financial accounting staff that work with Ledger 6 funds]

Development Officers:  [For new Development Officers to help understand FAI and our resources from their perspective]